Pink or Blue? Phoebe or Phoebo?

Finally! We know the answer to the million dollar question. The topic has been debated in our house from day 1. William wanted a baby brother. Madeleine wanted a baby sister. Brian had a “hunch” it was a boy. I had a feeling it was a girl. In reality, it didn’t really matter!

Today as we walked across the parking lot heading toward the doctor’s office William made an announcement: If his prediction was correct, we should pay him $700. If Madeleine’s prediction was correct, then she should be paid. She tried to explain why this was an unreasonable bet and offered an alternative: If it was a boy, William would have the honor of naming him. If it was a girl, she would have the honor! Of course, we agreed to neither! πŸ™‚ We kept walking.

It was a painfully long walk from the car to the door. With every step a new wave of emotion swept over me. Excitement. Joy. Anticipation. Then, apprehension and anxiety. I was more anxious than I realized, and by the time the elevator doors closed I couldn’t breathe. Before we reached the fourth floor a vivid memory smacked me in the face. I remembered walking into the same kind of appointment 15 years ago completely oblivious to the fact that something might be wrong. I also remembered walking out of that appointment knowing something was terribly wrong.

Jesus, I need You.

Then, calm. Peace.

Nothing is wrong. Baby looks great. And I am thankful. That is what matters.

So, here’s a 20-week photo of Baby GIRL! It’s a profile shot. If you look closely, you can see a little arm and hand covering her precious little face. She weighs in at about 12 oz.!

The next order of business is naming her! We already have a list going. We thought it’d be fun to hear what you think. What’s your favorite Baby Girl name?


Playing Catch-up

It’s been a little while, so I’m catching up! I really don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just dive right in and trust you to bear with me. πŸ™‚

[Long Pause]

On second thought, I think a “Top 5” list will be more manageable!

1. We have a contract pending on our house, which has been on the market for over a year! We are waiting for inspections, appraisals, and bank approval. Yay! God answered our prayers.

2. Madeleine and William DID survive the first week of school. In fact, they are both doing really well. Id say we’re in full swing, complete with book reports and projects! I promised pictures. This is what we saw on the ride home after the first Friday of school…



3. Baby check-up went well. I am feeling much better, though there are still days where nausea (and all that comes with it) is wreaking havoc. As of tomorrow, we are at 19 weeks! Our next appointment is September 26th. This one will be an ultrasound. Boy or Girl? What’s your vote?
We also have a fetal echocardiogram scheduled for the 27th. Because of my history, this is considered routine. Please pray that all is well and Baby is perfectly healthy, heart and all! Everyone around here is getting a big kick out of the baby belly. Here is a snapshot…(I’m not sure what all the fuss is about!)


4. Fall sports are here! We are coaching Madeleine’s volleyball team again. So far, so good. William has opted for tennis this year. He’s doing well and having big fun.

5. Today, Poppy and Grammy officially move to Louisville! We are very excited.

That’s all I have. Consider yourself updated! πŸ™‚