Hello. Thanks for stopping by. Blogging is one of my new favorite things to do. I started blogging a few years back to keep far away family apprised of our comings and goings, but it has evolved into much more.

See, I love words.  I believe our words are powerful.  Sometimes, our words leave a mark long after we have walked away.  Words give us the ability to express some of our deepest feelings and describe our greatest joys. Sometimes, words (even the ones we speak to ourselves) weigh us down and trap us. Either way, there are often so many words tumbling around in my heart and mind that I simply must write them down. Do you know the feeling? Well, that is what this blog is about. This is a place to bring life to all those words swirling round and round inside my head and heart. Hopes. Dreams. Random musings. Fears. A little bit of everything, all in one place.